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US Bank Support Ticket - CROOKED BANKING

US Bank Support Ticket


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To whom it may concern:
This letter is to complain about customer service I recently received from US Bank located at:

2150 Chatsworth Blvd, San Diego, CA.

I recently opened a Small Business Checking Account. Upon opening the account, it was explained to me that all checks deposited for the first 30 days will be subject to a 5 day hold. I was asked if I would like “Over Draft Protection”. My reply was “No, if the money is not available to me, I don’t want to be able to spend it”. Reason being, I refuse to pay a fee, to utilize money that I don’t have. With this being said, when I opened the account on 4/27/2015, I deposited $120.00 cash. On May 6 2015 I deposited $440.00 and on May 8 2015, I deposited $1080.00 into the business checking account. The following week, I attempted many times to create my online profile so I can view and keep track of my new account. I was unable to do so for 3 days, I then called upon the 1-800usbank # for assistance. I was on the phone with them for over 40 minutes, passed from department to department finally to come to the conclusion that there is a “Hold” on my account and my new Debit card and this was done in house. Meaning, the branch where I opened the account has placed a hold on the debit Card so no transactions can be done on the card until the branch lifts the suspension. I had no notification of this and found out that when they put a hold on your debit card, it no longer allows you to obtain access to your account online so I had No idea what was going on. On May 13, 2015 I called my branch to inquire about same. They acted as if they didn't know and were not sure how this happened. He then stated the “Bank” put a hold on the card and he would call to find out why and when this can be fixed. Meanwhile, I have no access to my account to see what is going on as far as transactions, etc. May 14, 2015 I called to find out status on my debit card and the hold placed on my deposit. At this time, he says my account was overdrawn and the main branch has placed an additional hold on my account. I explained I still am not able to access my account online to see what has happened. He stated he will print out a transaction history and will email it to me right away. He even asked if I can get email on my phone, cuz I explained I was working and not near a computer. Another 24hours goes by, I call Mr. Desoto again! I still have not received email. “I just sent it” he stated. He then went on to explain that in the future, I should try to make 1 large ATM withdrawal vs. many small withdrawals to avoid additional fees. Ok, thanked him for the advice, thought nothing of it and went back to work. I did however, explain to him how I really need to set up my online banking so I can get my merchant account and direct deposits situated. Also, I have been running to the issuing bank, each time one of my clients pays me with a check this is one of the mere hassles I wish to avoid by having my own account.

After reviewing his email over the weekend, I noticed that on May 7 and 8 2015, my account had incurred (11) OVERDRAFT FEES in the amount of $36 each, two ATM DENIED FEES in amount of $2.50 each and THEN A $25.00 CONTINUED OVERDRAFT FEE. ALL DATED ON May 7th and 8th, 2015. The same day I deposited $1080.00 at my home branch location!!!!

On May 14 I received a letter from US Bank dated 5/11/2015. The letter states, and I quote

“We have information that leads us to believe that the check may not be paid

*Please also note, I have been in constant contact with SDCCU, the originating financial institution who issued the 1,000.00 check. That check cleared the US BANKS account on MAY 8 2015!!!! They have provided me proof of same and is shows it cleared SDCCU AND US Bank the same day. Either way, according to the letter the check would clear the accounts no later than 7 business days. 7 business days was May 19 2015. So on May 19, 2015 I called the 800# , they said it will clear that evening. May 19, 2015, I call the branch again, speak with Stephanie, she says nothing she can do she can have a manager call me back. Manager is Tammy and she should be in around 1pm. 3:30 PM , still no return call from Tammy? Between daily calls to the customer service number, the fraud dept., the branch, tech card support and the 24 hour assistance line, I had to explain my problem several times. I was put on hold for who knows how many minutes, and was not getting my calls returned from management etc. and when I finally called HER again, she said she could not help me. Needless to say, I am quite frustrated.
Anyhow, still waiting for access to my online banking so waiting for hold to be removed from debit card in order to set it up. Desoto says will be released May 19, 2015. I called again the morning of 5/19, still had not cleared. The US bank employee at this time stated, and I quote again “ when we say May 19 It really means May 20th , that’s how the bank works so it will be clear between 12:00am and 6 00 am on May 20th. So May 20th and US Bank is STILL HOLDING MY FUNDS!

I call the 800# again on May 21 2015, the US bank person sounds perplexed and kind of mutters, “um…yes this should have cleared it seems Ms Rodriguqes from your home branch will not allow this to be released??” He puts me on hold, comes back to the line and says, he spoke with Rodriquez and she said it will clear at 1pm and to call then. Again, all this time I have had NO access to my NEW BUSINESS ACCOUNT!! And NO help from that horrific branch.
I call back, she’s in a meeting and will call me back in 15 minutes. Another hour goes by, No reply as expected , I call the bank again at 4:45 pm knowing that they close at 5:00pm , Rodrigues gets on the phone say “the check cleared, and you can come pick up the remains $481 .00 we owe you cuz I have closed your account” I told her I would be right there. I left work IMMEDIATELY, arrived about 5:10pm, everyone still inside the bank, I knocked on the door, as usual, and they made me wait. Finally came to the door and said, sorry we are closed come back tomorrow!!!

So if the money wasn’t there, HOW COULD I SPEND IT. Now on May 18th, Mr. Desoto states, “oh that’s isn’t how it works with business accounts...” Really?? I never had this problem with my last bank? And if this is your banks policy, that’s cool, but WHY ASK ME IF I WANT OVER DRAFT PROTECTIONS WHEN I REALLY DON’T HAVE THAT OPTION AND WHY NOT EXPLALIN THIS TO ME WHEN WE DISCUSSED OVERDRAFT????? Keep in mind this 5 day hold turned into 7 days ended up being a 9 business day hold and the hold is requested BY MY BRANCH. . I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. I have a small business to run and have now wasted another 45 minutes this morning on this letter. I cannot afford to spend any more time on this problem, and I expect a full refund, IMMEDIATELY. I will be informing all my friends, family, Facebook, twitter, etc. about this experience.


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